Photo taken at Hammonds Ferry

Photo taken at Savannah Rapids

Top Places to Photograph in Augusta, GA., and in the C.S.R.A. area.

Here are some locations that I have come to love to photograph here in Augusta and surrounding areas. When you book your appointment with me, I ask details about your clothing so we can make sure that your selection is for the best location.


**Savannah Rapids- . They are several different looks in one location. There is a cute little barn house I use this for Seniors and or Couples. The Savannah River flows there and we can shoot close by the river. The park administration makes changes monthly. You can walk and ride bikes and also have a nice family picnic.

Lake Olmsted - Which is also known as Julian Smith Casino.They have a few spots to photograph at the gazebo and next to the river as well. The old Baseball field is there and on the other side of there is a field and also a lake where we can sit on the big rocks and take photos too.

* Riverside Park - I have been out there one time all because I was lost. I would love to photograph here.

Augusta Downtown- What can I say... tons of different locations to represent the Augusta. The only thing this location is missing is you.

Aiken Areas

 *Hope-lands Gardens- It is a beautiful place. For Engagement photos the and the unique trees and there is a small gazebo for 2 people to fit inside to catch the real close and personal romantic photos. It is a quick drive outside of Augusta.

* Radcliffe Plantation- This location is is in Beech Island, SC. I would photograph either a big family with all the pretty green grass out there or a bride in her wedding gown that she can use for portrait of her for the wedding reception. The plantation has fields and a nice big white house.

*Downtown Aiken- It's another beautiful downtown location. There are beautiful tree line streets and countless water spots. It's a wonderful location for family pictures. Are you ready to shoot there yet?

North Augusta

**Hammond's Ferry- is my FAVORITE location for pictures . It is its own little city inside of the City of North Augusta. They have nice green grass to the little pond and the fireplace they have out there. It has a walking and bike trail. This is my favorite location for all types of portrait sessions because of all the different scenery.

**The Green way- I have done a few shoots out there and it was nice love the walkways and bridges they have, I heard its on the other side of Hammond's Ferry I will go out shoot there soon. From the photos I have seen it looks beautiful.

** Brick Pond Park- An example of brick pond is the cover photo of this blog, For a long time we were not able to visit the brick pond because they were building the SRP Baseball field. It is a very nice place.

Other Fun Options!

Augusta Museum {$5 Adult /$3 Children} Currently closed. |

Some of the locations listed I have not gotten a chance to photograph However, I would love to. Will you be the one?

If you have a location that is not listed and would like to photograph there. Please contact me at 762.218.3714 or email at

Downtown Augusta

North Carolina Botanical Gardens

Charleston SC Beach