I see the world differently. 

I want you to see you in a different light.

Hi there, I'm Michelle Lineka , and I'm on a mission to help individuals and businesses shine through their unique brands. As a certified life and business coach, I empower people to unlock their full potential and clarity, both personally and professionally.

But that's not all—I'm also a brand photographer and brand designer, or you can call me the 'brand developer who gets you all the way together for your brand.' I capture the essence of your brand through stunning imagery and create visuals that resonate with your audience. Together, we work on your personal growth to ensure you're fully ready to step into the world of business with confidence.

So, whether you're an entrepreneur looking to make your mark or an individual seeking personal growth, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey that aligns your personal and professional goals. Let's connect and discover how I can help you shine and succeed!"

Visual Brand Architect

The BrandevelopHER

Being a wife and mother of three while pursuing multiple professional endeavors requires dedication and time management.
As a certified life and business coach, I assist individuals in setting and achieving their personal and professional goals, providing guidance and support along the way. My background as a pastor's child probably gives me a unique perspective on life and a strong foundation in moral values.
As a graphic artist, I have a creative eye and the ability to visually communicate ideas


fun fact

I LOVE God .. Don't love God what's wrong with you? Is one of my favorite songs by Mary Mary


fun fact

Not only am I passionate about empowering my clients, but I also have a huge passion for God.


fun fact

I'm committed to helping people reach their fullest potential through His guidance and grace


fun fact

I've experienced firsthand the power of faith and it has helped me transform my life and the lives of many of my client

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True beauty emanates from a woman who bodly and unabashedly knows who she is in Christ!

MICHELLE LINEKA | Visual Brand Architect

Embrace Your Empire: Be the Kingdom Baddie You Are, Let's Unveil Your Story Together

I specialize in branding photography + consulting, and speaking for leaders eager to confidently define, build, and expand their businesses. My approach is tailored for those with a dominant personality, ensuring that your brand stands out with authority and influence.

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Email me: info@michellelineka.com | Call me at: 762.218.3714

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