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Michelle Lineka not only do we capture personal branding images that will drive sales and increase visibility for entrepreneurs and personal brands, but we can also create branding strategies that help you understand your brand and help you reach your ideal clients.

We offer Branding Strategy and Photography Services to service-based businesses and personal brands.

We can talk about upgrading your website, social media graphics, and more. We are all things BRAND...

I'm a brand coach and personal branding photographer who loves to help women overcome insecurities based on self-image, and build self


I work to build women into visualizing themselves as beautiful, love themselves as they are, to wow others with their first impressions through pictures, and create meaningful images that ultimately help women succeed in the work that lights them up


Professional Headshot and Personal Branding PHOTOGRAPHER

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am -5:00 pm

Photographing Days: Friday and Saturdays Only 10:00 am -6 pm

Email | Call me at: 1.888.332.0141

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