Hey Friend!

I see you over there putting in the work and building your brand. It's not easy to do alone (Trust. I know how it is!). Here are a few resources that I hope will help you out in your journey. You've got what it takes! 

Listen being a photographer is pretty dope right? It is so fun and so so rewarding when your client is in love with what you created. I have been a photographer for about 15+ years now and I have learned so much that I love to help and give back.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out and have had some experience in this business. I got you! I didn't want to call myself a mentor but a Coach because I am your supporter and cheerleader and I give pointers to help you make this journey a little smoother!

Ask Me Anyting

Need a small business sounding board, but your friends aren't interested in discussing the ins and outs of growing as an entrepreneur? Let me help you answer the questions that keep you stuck in your business, so you can focus more on executing.

$75 / 1 HOUR


Following our IN-DEPTH sit down at a local joint (2.5 hours), we will go to a real-life shoot during golden hour.
If you are a family photographer, then it will be of a family. There is no way of preparing children, so interacting and creating the mood



Let' look at your emails, communication material and how to attract clients from is done online via Zoom! We will go over everything that I cover in workshops and in-person mentorships. Let’s go over your website, social media, branding, and wording ...


"Be patient with yourself! Understand its a process and enjoy the process"

—Lineka Michelle

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Do you find yourself …

1. Doubting your photography work?
2 Saying am I good enough to be a photographer?
3. Comparing yourself to others that it starts to overwhelm you in your business?

We get in our own way of success, our mind is so powerful and sometimes is a roadblock

We doubt ourselves, second guess ourselves and talk ourselves out of stuff place for you to tell your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.


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